Prague happy ending might be just around the corner. Where to get one in an instant?

It could happen to anyone – you are in the Czech capital, and suddenly an urge overwhelms you to get an unadulterated Prague happy ending. But where to find someone willing to give you one quickly? Thankfully, there are places which not only have what you need, but will also treat you to an exquisite massage on top of that. And we’re not talking about brothels…

Prague happy ending is on the daily menu of sensual massage parlours

Perhaps you’ve heard of erotic massages before. If you haven’t, well, they’re a lot like regular massages, except the stimulation of your private parts is involved here, resulting in the “happy ending” (orgasm) in question. There’s been much talk about the benefits – both physical and mental – of standard massages. Now, imagine adding a good old orgasm into the mix and you’ll be surprised how much extra value can be added to a regular rubdown. “That’s great”, you might say, “now, what about the places that provide this service?” Well, these are the so-called erotic massage salons, and you can find many of those peppered all over Prague… just a bit of googling will reveal much.

So, what is to be expected inside of those establishments?

The first rule is – no sex, under any circumstances. Just because you’ll be treated to a happy ending doesn’t mean that you can take things further than that. Try to push things further and you might find yourself being thrown out. Other than that, you can treat yourself to a wide range of splendid massages, some of which you might know already, others perhaps not so much. Do you know for example:

  •   The nuru massage. Though its popularity has really surged in recent years, many are still unacquainted with this Japanese erotic ritual, consisting of sensual, close body to body contact, in which the naked masseuse will grind, rub and slide over you in an extremely exciting way.
  •   Tantra massage. This one is apparently more than just insanely sensual, catering to every part of your body, but also emotionally satisfying, meditative and ecstatic. Those who have tried it report long-term benefits for both the mind and the body – make of that what you will.
  •   Prostate massage. Some parlours may offer this as a standalone, others as a complementary service to another rubdown. Either way, it is apparently an insanely pleasurable experience once you overcome the initial trepidation of being pleasured via your anus. Once people discover it, they’re not likely to give up on it anytime soon – and many incorporate it into their bedroom routine as well.

Of course, there are countless other procedures, as well bonus services offered by the individual salons, but typically, you will find these three on practically every Prague’s parlour menu.

Are there any rules or conditions to be followed inside each of these parlours?

Well, you have to be over 18 for one. We’ve already mentioned being too pushy and demanding direct sex from your masseuse. The other general rule would be to bring cash (Czech crowns), since some parlours don’t accept cards. Otherwise, just follow the general courtesy rules as you would anywhere else, and you should be fine.

Some things to remember

While no parlour will probably throw you out if you come in unannounced, there is a risk that nobody will be there to serve you in time. It is therefore always better to order in advance via phone or an email. A lot of these salons also offer an escort service, so that you can order a visit directly at your home or in a hotel room. Typically, the escort option is limited to Prague only.

So, are you ready to take a dip in the exquisite world of erotic massages in Prague with the newfound information? We hope so!

Were you acquainted with erotic massages before? In which way? Tell us about your experience. Would you be tempted to get on while in Prague? And would you prefer an incall or outcall in this case? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment!